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Pinoy Poker


Pinoy Poker

Pinoy Poker, also known as Pusoy Dos, is a fast-paced shedding card game that originated in the Philippines. It is a variation of Big Two, a popular card game in Southeast Asia. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and can be played with three or four players.

Play Rules

  1. Each player is dealt 13 cards.
  2. The player with the lowest card, which is the 3♣ depending upon the suit order being played, plays that card or a valid card combination including that card.
  3. The next person must play a higher combination of the same number of cards or pass (play no cards).
  4. Play continues clockwise or counterclockwise.
  5. Once a player passes, they cannot return until a new round has started.
  6. The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins the round.
  7. The player with the most points after five rounds wins the game.

Game Features

  • Fast-paced and exciting gameplay
  • Simple rules that are easy to learn
  • Can be played with three or four players
  • Strategic element as players must think about which cards to play and when to pass
  • Great game for socializing and having fun

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pinoy Poker is a popular poker game available on BK8. It offers a unique gaming experience with its user-friendly interface and exciting gameplay.

To start playing Pinoy Poker, you need to create an account on BK8, deposit funds, and then navigate to the game section to choose Pinoy Poker

The rules for Pinoy Poker are similar to traditional poker games. However, it’s always a good idea to check the game rules on the BK8 platform before starting to play.

Yes, BK8 is designed to be mobile-friendly. You can access all the games, including Pinoy Poker, from your mobile device.

BK8 is committed to providing a fair gaming experience. They use Random Number Generator (RNG) technology for their games, which ensures that the outcome is always random and fair.

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